<3: 2010-01-01, kl 09:15:58 | <3: Allmänt

Kinda.. ehm.. yeah.

Ive realized a lot of things today, and I’m going to Share 2 things with you guys.

First of all;
    I’m going to have an 8 hour longer 2010 then you guys. (most of you anyway)
 This is due to me celebrating new years eve 2009-2010 here in
Japan which is 8 hours ahead.
 When I later return to Sweden Ive had 8hours more, because I’m celebrating new years 2010-2011 in

Get it?

   Ive finally realized why they have fake laughs in TV series.
Ive always thought that they’ve been rather unnecessary, and they made me question if people actually have a social incompetence of not understanding when to laugh.
Living in Japan has made me so grateful for the fake laugher though. Thanks to them I don’t look like a complete idiot.. all of the time.

Fake it 'til you make it... as they say?

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