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Pool och Oxford?

Hey everyone<3

Today was a very slow, but fun day never the less.

I didn't sleep good at all last night, I think I may have gotten one hour sleep. And I went to bed at 7 o clock.

At 4:30 I gave up and went up to drink some milk and just stretch. My whole body was aching from lying in a bed for nearly 10 hours. One thing I'm telling you guys.. The human body is not made for lying still in a bed.  Hmpf.

At about 6 o'clock I fell asleep I think because I didn't hear my brother and father leaving the house. Next time I checked the clock it was 8 something.

Well, At 1 I met up with Liv and we walked to our destination.

                                                                                         Today's destination; ..... ... .. ...

                                                                                                               ASAHI POOL!

Which meant Swimming.. I love swimming. Hihi

In Japan you have to have a swimming(cap?) the hats you know? You look Ridiculous with them on, but Oh well!

Japanese changing rooms smell bad FYI. And they have many strange rules like not being allowed to wear bracelets and stuff.. ( I actually forgot mine, and we had to walk back and ask for them).

Weell, The pool was weird, and one length was for swimming one way, and the other for swimming back.
This meant that you had to stop every time you "touched the wall", Which also meant you couldn't do any turns, and that you never really got tired.
Also one thing that surprised me really much was the fact that the water level was even. In Sweden we have the "shallow" end and the "deep" end. This pool only had shallow. And NO ONE dived.

When the sun went down we decided to go to the outside pool. And the air was so NICE.

(the pool was situated on a hill, so it was really windy and felt like Swedish summer).
Japanese people were hugging themselves to try to keep warm, and complaining about the cold.
And me and Liv were dead happy! Haha

When we were finished and went out to the showers, we noticed something very strange..

No one was washing their hair or body..

We were shocked! Okay, this country is like really hygienic. They are like scary..

But they don't shower after swimming? That is just disgusting.

I know that they will shower at night later and take a bath.. but come on? So me and Liv washed our hair in the sink instead. Hahha...After that we were supposed to go to shibuya and med Skye and her friend.
But it was so late so we went to a McDonalds and took a coffee instead. I ate dinner because none of my parents are home tonight, and I'm to lazy to cook.


So I have been very bored, sitting by the computer for about an hour and a half and with nothing to do I started searching some Colleges. I really really really want to go on a short "program" I don't know what its called.

But its two terms to Oxford. I really really do. But I probably have to study as HELL. Mom if/when you read this, please call me because we have much to discuss! hihi

The schools Ive looked at so far are:
University College London
King's College London
  but Oxford is the one that appeals to me most. Id love to go Social something and maybe medievial(spell?) English?
I dont really know. Maybe art. hum....

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Oke.. Today Ive been watching a documentary called Jesus camp.
You can find it here, and I really think that everyone should see it.

"Let me say something about Harry potter. = WARLOCKS ARE ENEMIES TO GOD"

"I don't care what kind of heroes they are. If Harry was in the Old Testament, he would be put to death."

This is (not exactly word by word) what the Campleader is saying to the kids when talking about sin. She basically forbids them to read a childrens fiction book, because its "evil".

The worst part though is, that a child screamed out AMEN after and then all of them clapped their hands.


I think that many of the children are more scared then happy in this camp. They live in families who brainwash them to belivie in the things that the parents want them to believe in. They are not allowed to go to school but are home schooled into believing that the bilbe is the only right thing. That science is fake and that things like globalwarming doesn't exist.  One of the clips in the movie included a mother telling her son that evolution as the bible states is the only possible way becasue "it is the only way that answers all the questions" she also said that the Darwin theory is a piece of crap.
 The children only meet other families that have the exact same belives and values, and they are not allowed to learn anything other. and all their friends are in the same kind of communities.
They are stripped of "their own choice". God gave human kind a brain, and he gave them the ability to think and based on infromation and feelings make decicions.
 Animals have only instinct. They cant go over in their heads pros and cons.
These children are basically being "degraded" to animals.

They aren't even allowed to hear ghost stories. Because
                                    " god wants you to focus on the truth and the things that are good"

When they were eating they prayed for end of abortion and revival of America.

Shouldn't they be thanking for the food, singing of happiness that they are there together. And be thanking
 that they are alive, seeing the sun once more?
Being happy for the new day that has come is something that I think everyone should be.
I do not think that praying for the end of abortion is appropriate for 7-12 year old kids?

And then a boy was talking about that he wasn't allowed to see Harry potter because of the witchcraft, and a boy said that his mother wouldn't let him but that he had seen them at his dads. And everyone went quiet as if it was a really bad thing.

On the last day, the Camp leader Woman was screaming out that this is war. WHAT IS WAR?

  • That they are the only right religion?
  • That they are at war against America?
  • Or that they are at war against all people that doesn't share the same beliefs?
Christianity is not about war, but that is what they are teaching the children

The point of this camp is creating children armys. And make them believe that the are doing everything for God.
And the only argument she has is that everyone else is doing it.

Shouldn't then chrisianity that has what I would like to say ; the most compassionate "rules and guidelines" be the better person?

Shouldn't they reach out for peace, and try to make people understand that love is the most important thing?

These people make me want to cry.

And the most digusting thing about it is that children around these ages believe with all their heart and soul what their parents say. And its going to be imprinted in their brains forever. ( this is also what makes them so easy targets. Creating a new army is easier with small kids than with 20 year olds)

This is probably the most sick thing Ive ever seen. I consider myself as Christian.
 I feel perfectly comfortable to go to church. When I have problems in my life, I know that I'm not alone、I know that I can put my worries in gods hands and that I in that way can move on..

I feel sorry for people that think that they live alone.


Things happening right now in the USA are not normal. It's not healthy in any kind of way It sickens me and I just want to shake the parents and camp leaders and tell then to get a grip.

One of the things that made me most irritated was the fact that the leader woman was in the beginning saying that Israel and Palestine are teaching their kids to go out in war. And that she said that we have to start teaching our kids about the bible, and Jesus at a young age.
She was speaking of the things children in Palestine are being taught. They get to know how to handle guns and bombs. How to sacrifice themselves for their god.

 Is that what we want our kids to learn as well? Is she really implying that we should teach kids that Christianity is the only right thing and that se should do anything for Jesus?
That we also should die and kill for him?

What happened to "Loving each other?".

I don't believe in the bible. I think most of it is to aged, and actually not that accurate in our lives today. The fact that most of it was written down hundred of years after it happened makes me unsure of how reliable it is. It is also all written by men, and woman is turned into the villain.

I do not believe that god saw that all was good blah blah, that he created earth in that way.

I do however think that god had something to do with the creation of earth. It's a to big of a coincidence that everything is the way it is today. I would say that yes I believe the big bang, but at the same time I believe god made big bang happen.

I also do not believe the fact that Jesus was god son, but I have great respects for what he stands for.. And I could really care less if Im wrong or right.

Many of you are now probably going to say or think that I'm not a Christian, that the bible and Jesus are a fundamental part in Christianity. And in some ways you are right.

But for me Christianity is, to love each other unconditionally. Accept each other, and keep peace.

Understand that you are never alone and that things happen for a reason.

And I think that is the most important part in both the religion and the bible.

That is what we need to teach our children.

To accept each other as we are.

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Short update!

What the title says..

1. My summervacation is now starting to kick Ass. Im going to to so many things in August that I dont really know If Im gonna make out alive! haha ( Liknar Annicaschema! )

2. Yesterday there was like a typhoon here. 20seconds= 2 cm rain.

3. I went out jogging 20 min in that rain. I was drenched before I could say Multiplikationstabellen.

4. Im doing a kind of "help japanese children with english" today and tommorrow. Im dying..

5. My trainline was "out of order" probably due to a suicidal.. Japan is very special. heh

Kisses and hugs, and Ill try to update on thursday if the kids havnt killed me until then.

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The colour Orange.

Is there anything better then sitting in the kitchen, sipping on a cup of tea while listening to the rain smattering against the windows. Enjoying a ballerinakaka, and listening to Celtic music?
I really dont think so.

Im a typical "fikaperson". I really do think that what I mentioned above, or studying with your favourite music and drinking a chailatte at starbucks are some of the most calming and satisfying things you can do!
Sitting at a coffeeplace with good company is also really wonderful. I LOVE fika. oke?

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Solar Eclipse, Starbucks and lifestories.

Yesterday sucked big time, all I did was stay home and sleep. I actually woke up at 10 am and went to bed at 5 pm.
I mean Come on, that SUCKS!
I also spent most of the night not beeing able to sleep, due to the fact that a Mosquito had found its way into my room.
Im now joining Elijahs Army on destroying those things. Any that comes near me should prepare for
a slow, and painful death.


The rest of the night was actually quite good. I had a dream about Zombies, but it was kind of cool and exiting.
And wierdly enough no one of importance died. ( My dreams usually contain people that I love dying. And I tend to dream them over and over again, and I always have to hear and watch them dying really horrible deaths).
I watched Resident evil before sleeping, and I guess that is what caused the dreams. But like I said I loved them and I wouldnt mind dreaming more things like that. A tad more romance and me snogging a handsome guy would make it even better... but eh./

Today was one of those really good ones.
I was supposed to go swimming inthe morning but Liv had a probelm with her eye so that unfortunatly didnt happen.
But we met up in Yokohama at about 12:30 and went to buy a new foundation/powder for Liv. She lost the one she bought two weeks ago.. HAHAHHAAHHA... sorry.
At about 12:50 I get a text from Maiju saying that she will be about 20 min late. So me an Liv decide on going to starbucks. We order a Ice chailatte to share and tehn we sit down to talk about everything and anything.
HHa, the converstaions I have with that girl are amazing. love you to bits!
We shared our lifestories and then maiju came. We all continued talking for about an hour, and then we decided to go to Minato mirai.
Or choice was between Ikea or Minatomirai, but in the end minatomirai won beacause they have an exhebition (spell?) about ancient egyptian artifacts they reacently found in the nile and the sea. And as the museumgeeks we are we went for that! When we arrived there though, we decided that we didnt want to pay 2500 yen. So our new mission became to find a place to eat lunch. ( it was about 3pm )..
Liv wanted Sushi, or somthing good an healthy and not fast food.
Me and Maiju wanted something cheap and not so much food.

In the end we found a Tacos place, and me an maiju DIED of happiness. And Liv was a really good sport and agreed to eating there after seeing our "happykidsonchristmaswhenrecievinggifts" faces. I mean who could say no to that!
Even Maiju who usually agrees to anything really ( she is like the most kind person Ive ever met) was like.. " Okay, I want to eat here. We are soo eating here now" haha<3
So we ate tacos, and Ive really missed it like crazy! Im gonna eat tacos sometime this summervacation as lunch MHM...

But I really have to say that this say was really fun and that I really loved the company/


Ps. Schoggi was with us today too!
      And I now have purikura with Schoggi haahah <3

Ps2. Sry there are no pics!

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Afsmeeting, bilder.

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Bild från galet längesedan.

Vi hade ett kookoutparty med Afs, och detta är två bilder därifrån.

Har ni frågor så fråga men jag kommer inte ihåg väl nog för att skriva något om det! haha srry.

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Shinjuku, Harajuku och Aircon!

Hey guys.
Im really trying to post some of the thing Ive been up to the last months, but my memory is kinda failing me.
Today is my first actual day of summervacation, and taht is why Im able to update now.

the 19th I met Emily<3
She has been like the best ever and brought me things with her from Sweden. I dont know were I can begin to thank her!
I had to wake up at around 7 cuz I had to leave the housa at about 8.30.
We had scheduled that we would meet up in Shinjuku at 10 am, which we did.
I was soo nervous that I would take the wrong train. The night before I went my dad was saying stuff like Im gonna be lost in the Shinjuku station cuz its so big. And he even printed out a map, which just made me really confused.
I dont really see the problem in finding my way, I can ask for the way r just follow signs. Its the train that makes me nervous cuz there is like 5 different lines on the same platform.
But I got on the right one, and found my way to the west exit in Shinjuku without any complications!

We met up at 10 as planned, and it was soo good seeing her and also beeing able to talk swedish!
We headed towords her appartment, the aircondition was calling. There we sat for like an hour and ate cocosbollar that she had brought with her! OMG I died. They were so good. ( and no it doesnt matter that they were squashed, they still taste the same. Allt ska blandas i magen hehu ).

Afteer chilling for awhile, we decided that we would go to Harajuku. And Im really sad taht my cameras batteries died cuz it was SO cool there. And SO many people!
One tip: Never go to Harajuku on a weekend haha.
All the shops were awesome and the company was awesome ;)
We went into a lolita kind of shop, and Im so buying a pretty lolita skirt before I come home. Tehy were so pretty and secondhand so they were really cheap!
Huumm. the whole days theme was looking for a travelex, cuz I needed money. But we didnt find one. But when looking for soething special you always find something else. Like for instance, I think we found around 200 ATMs.. yeh//
We also got really pretty pink bandadges from a shop. Really cool and you could buy them with hearts and dinos and everything! like, FRIDAY IM IN LOVE <3

Slowly we made our way to yoyogipark, and we found a free bench to sit on. That was like heaven!
I made the mistake to wear jeans, and they stick to you so bad its disgusting. When its like 35 degrees you DONT wear jeans..
When we came back to Emilys Apartment we were no longer humans, but small blobs of sweat. That is wha tI felt like anyway. haha.

It was a really good day, with much walking ( sorry! )
And Emily thank you for lending me the money to dinner, and to get home. You are the Best!

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Im posting a BIG update tmrw, just so you all know! hehu

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I got the concept and came to the conclusion.

Okay guys!

First of I want to say THANK YOU too all of you that congratulated me on my birthday!

Both in person, phone calls mails, blog, and bdb<3

And I just wanna say that when I get back to Sweden
there is a big saft och bullkalas for all of those who are interested.
( and if no one is interested then Ill force some of you.. hih? )


Then 2, I want to declare that from now on my blog is going to be written in both English and Swedish because I want my friends here to be able to understand what I write.
 ( and I think its only fair that they know what Im writing,
I mean.. I could be writing really much shit about them and such sooo.. yeah fair game here people!)

And my Japanese is not good enough to be published, and if it was no one of you Swedish
would understand.
Therefore I will use English

                                                                 Everyone satisfied?
 Yeah oke!


3. My weekend has been really good, and I'm currently writing about it, but it takes time cuz all
 I really want to do is sleep.                                      Haha...

4. My unbelievingly awesome parents bought me a camera and sent it here, as a birthday gift.
And guess what?!
                                    It can video tape!

This means that I'm setting up an account on youtube, and maybe there will be some video blog/posts here in the future.. ( I already have one in mind actually)

5. I bought a pretty dress, leggings, a bra and two panties today for about 250 kr. Im loving it!


PS. I'm also currently trying to answer mails, it's a really (like really, really) slow process.. but I'm trying to anyway! hhaaha

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its a big world, and time is ticking.

I just got out of bed... hehehhee

 its 14:55. . . aweeeesome.
Do you all understand how tired I am, thats why no posts about my birthday and weekend has come up yet.
Srrry :(

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En kort uppdatering av min födelsedag kommer här.


Skriver nog detta på engelska dock för att ni Svenskar inte förstår japanska, och ingen här kan svenska
                                                                                                                   -( förutom möjligtvis Liv )

I woke up at 4 o clock this morning. . Love when you only get 3 hours of sleep.
But I didnt really feel sleepy this morning though. I went up and ate breakfast in a dark sleeping house, and beacause

its tradition I drank chocolate milk.

( Every year I get breakfast in bed on my birth day. Chocolate milk with really much whipped cream and a sandwich.)

This year it wasn't Oboy, and there was no whipped cream. And I had to get up from bed.. And well it was totally different but okay.

After breakfast I took a shower, and I let my hair dry naturally. ( this is how much freetime I had)

I did my makeup and actually made an effort for like the first time in ages. Makeup Ive missed you!

Then I walked peacefully to the train, until Elijah decided that he would be latish. Which meant that we had to run.

Im really to tired to actually post anything more, but I promise Ill do it tomorrow.

Im 18 now TRALLRLALA <3 hehu it feels good. Haha.

Kisses and hugs!
  Pictures comes tommorrow too

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Its time for exucution. Its time to Execute.

Min sista dag som 17åring har varit helt okej asså!

Jag har gått I skolan, och vi spenderade lunchrasten till att titta på " A walk to remember" med tjejerna<3

Helt okej skoldag, men galet jobbigt med musiklektionen. Vi har nämligen dubbeltimma musik,
och här måste man lära sig spela blockflöjt. Jag har ju spelat det sen jag var typ 10 år så för mig är det helt dö trist.
Och att sitta I ett rum med 25 andra elever som tränar på ett musik stycke på flöjt suger.

Två timmar med folk som ger ifrån sig saker som inte ens kan kallas för musik.


När jag kom hem så gick jag en kort promenade med Elijah. Han flyttar snart  (just nu bor vi typ grannar) och det suger men det var mysigt iallafall.

åt god ganska normal mat men Okaasan och det var mysigt. Satt någon timme och lyssnade på Celtic woman
och lyssnade på regent. Och pratade sedan en halvtimme med mamma.
Efter det spenderades en timme till att titta på Cool Japan med vanilj glass ( och blåbärssylt).

Cool Japan är helt klart mitt favorit program här! så himla braaa.

Handlar om Japansk kultur, och så är det utlänningar som kommenterar och gör små repotage.
Så det är halvt på japanska halvt på engelska.


Efter det hände något som jag blev överlycklig för!

Pride and Prejudice visades på tv.

Asså, har haft cravings efter den filmen galet länge nu. Så himla mysigt att se den. ( och jaa jag grät puss.)

Now its 30 min left till I turn 18. HAHAHAHAHA omg.. I cant really believe it shsh..
shshshshhshs.... Mooo <3

    ( 30 min japanese time.. Ive still got 7 hours to go in Swedish time)

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Tommorrow Im turning 18 HAHAHAHHA suck on that<3

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