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H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R !


My “new year” promises for 2010 are as following;

Study hard enough to be proud of my grades.
If I failed my Japanese test, redo it and pass.
Reach a goal weight of XX
Be able to go abroad in summer
Get a job.
Try to care less about my looks.
Start using my time more effectually.
Start actually going out some=
Eat more Vegetarian.

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Like nails in a board, Pull your hands inside of you.

 There are so many things I wished people knew.
Things to hard to tell, to hard for people to know.

I dont know,

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Ive probably eaten 3kg worth of chocolate in the last 5 days, and yes my mouth is starting to complain. The skin is slowly falling off, and I’m terrified because realizing that I may be allergic is NOT an option.

Well, I have much chocolate left and even a chocolate fondue waiting for me on the 29 (The couscous girls dinner). I’m looking forward, my mouth isn’t.

Other than that.. I ate crab today.

Crab is good.


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Saw Avatar Yesterday, in 3D. OMG is all I have to say!

I really recomend it to anyone and everyone. Im maybe even going to see it again next week at a real 3D movie theatre (there are 4 in whole of Japan.. I think)

The whole time me and Maiju were wondering who would die, I mean our past experience of Steven Spielberg movies are bittersweet.

But they made good choices, and I cried so much.

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Skrivet 24 december kl. 21.10

Starting of, I just want to point out that I’m 8 hours ahead of you all (hehehe...suckers) which means that I’m allowed to open my presents in like.. 20 min!
So in the meantime I’m writing this.
I guess I haven’t uploaded that much recently, or more like nothing at all. This is due to many different reasons; Sickness and a feeling of not being able to take time to write are two of them.

Today is the 24th.
Many things has happened on this day throughout history, some of you might think of following;

December 24th 1715       Swedish troops occupy Norway.

December 24th 1812       Henry Russell, composer is born.

December 24th 1798    Russia & England sign Second anti-French Coalition.

December 24th 1799    Jacobins plot against Napoleon uncovered.

December 24th 1814    Treaty of Ghent (end of US-Britain's War of 1812) signed.

December 24th 1818      Franz Xavier Gruber composes "Silent Night".

December 24th 1914       German plane drops bombs on Dover England.

December 24th 1924      Albania becomes a republic (ex-premier Ahmed Zogoe's coup).

December 24th 1954      Laos gains its independence.

December 24th 1997    1st time a Chanukah candle is officially lit in Vatican City.


Oh yeah, and then Jesus was born, so they decided to start celebrating Christmas on this days (because all our own original traditions occurred during the same time so why not..).

I guess that’s were I want to get to.. MERRY CHRISTMAS!



This year was a bit different for me. As you know I’m not in Sweden at the moment, and I’m not in Japan with my Swedish Family or friends. So making it a good Christmas was all up to me this year, if I started crying and gave up =Christmas would have sucked, if I didn’t I would maybe have a chance at a Merry Christmas.

Before I begin telling my wonderful tale, I’m going to explain some key points in Celebrating Christmas in Japan.
First of the two biggest differences Ive noticed and haven’t understood at all is;

The Christmas cake and Kentucky Fried Chicken.
The Christmas cake is a sponge cake, with strawberries (and whipped cream?), I have no clues on why they have it and that is not due to me not asking around but due to the fact that no one really knows. Until the 23d I thought it symbolized snow, which Tokyo/Yokohama region doesn’t have. Or maybe they had it just because They like cake (which they do.. ridiculously much).
Well as I said before on the 23d, I got my answer.
I saw a TV show on “how to make the Christmas cake”, and she was explaining why they had it.
Apparently all countries in Europe has a Christmas cake, especially France which has the most elaborate cakes and bakeries in the world. Then she continued saying things like “but this version, Strawberry cake is in Japan only “ and so on. 

So that’s why I though.. And then actually started thinking.
 How many of us Swedish people Celebrate with cake on Christmas?
I mean come on, we eat until were practically laying on the floor, making room for cake would be impossible and besides we have our Aladdin box anyway.

So I asked Liv, “do you celebrate with cake on Christmas in Norway”.

And she answered “no” at least not in her family.

So I like to conclude that the Strawberry Christmas cake is in fact a mystery. 

So the next big NONO that Ive seen here is the KFCfenomenon.

Apperently KFCs marketing skills are very good, and because of that Japanese people believe that in the rest of the Christian world, we eat nothing but Chicken on Christmas (along with caked of course.. We cant forget the cake). Beacasue everyone believes that Chicken is the most precious food that they can eat on Christmas, they decide to buy it.. at any cost.
So skyrocket high prices of Chicken is seen everywhere.

I mean come on We paid 890yen for a marinated Chicken leg. That’s about 85kr!

Then maybe some of you will think “why don’t they make them themselves” And because I’m cool and all, I have an answer to that too. The USELESS PIECE OF **** oven that they have here in this country.
No one has a real oven, everyone has hot air(?)ovens that are built into the microwave. And there is no way a Chicken can be squished into a microwave sized oven and still look eatable. So people buy the damn 890yen marinated Chicken leg, and think that they are celebrating true Christmas, because come on.. it all comes down to chicken and cake doesn’t it?

Okay, that was rather unfair.. We cant forget the most important thing of all. For everyone who is  single (woman especially) Christmas is made for dating. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as your not alone and you get things bought for you. The best is also if the guy can take you to a really fancy restaurant, so that you can talk about it the day afterwards with your friends. Lets call it “the Christmas competition”. “Christmas war” .

(the fact that the girl wont eat at all because she’s on a “diet” and that there will be no romance or TALKING at all during the night is beside the point”.

Well, this and very many tacky Christmas lights and trees (preferably pink that says have a sweet Christmas-which unfortunately is the case in Yokohama-) is the true JAPANESE Christmas.

So that leaves me in Christmas hell.
With a lot of thinking I realized, to have a good Christmas I have to make it good.

And that I did.

The 23d is a red day here in Japan, due to the emperors birthday.
That day many people choose to celebrate Christmas, and we were not an exception.
The problem was only that I was starting to get something really similar to stomach flu, and eating/being happy is not that fun when all you do is puke.

It all ended with us eating some salad, and whatever my stomach could keep in. Dad ate the 890yen chiken leg.. or we all shared I guess. Then we made some “Neijlikoapelsiner” ( for you only English people, I have no Idea what the English name for that is but hey, google is your best friend). It was actually really Christmas-ish, I even made gingerbread cookies, so that the house would smell even better.
( they were not so eatable though due to me taking the wrong kind of baking paper, so it stuck to the bottom of the cookies.. but that’s beside the point!)
 I woke up on the 24th, went to effing School –Yes first vacation day is the 25th- had two lessons, and then I was finished for the day.
I went to Yokohama to get some work done on my Christmas presents, and then met up with Liv. She gave me the prettiest present ever!

It was a really pretty picture that she had painted, and schoggi was in it.
(I now feel bad that I’m not even close to finished with hers… )
Well, after that I went home and mom and I went shopping for some stuff for “Swedish Christmas food”. We had earlier decided that I was going to cook the 24th.
I bought smoked Salmon, Stuff for making meatballs, sausage, egg, salad, potato, and then chicken legs (for 100yen that I had to make myself).When I came home I called My dad in Sweden to get instructions on how to make proper rice(?) porage and how to make the chicken. After the talk I started working, same time singing my heart out along with the Christmas music my parents sent me from Sweden.

The food was successful, even the chicken even though it was my first try.
We ate and ate and ate, then opend some present. My Swedish mom sent me the most beautiful necklace ever.. THANK YOU Im wearing it as we speak as I write.

Then I later introduced plump, or Blob as Ive starting to call it here.
For those who have no Idea what that is it’s a really good card game, which I usually play with my parents at home. Same time we ate the chocolates that my parents sent, unfortunately not the Aladdin, because we had them standing on a heated floor, so they were kind of melted. But we put them in the refrigerator, and last time I looked they looked very recovered and good.

So as you all can hear, my Christmas was wonderful, with very much love actually.
I hope that you all made the best of this time that you could and that you had a wonderful Christmas!

 From me to you with love<3

the dates I posted earlier... I sounded smarter then I actually were

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During the whole time Ive been here I havnt seen a single albino person. Today I saw three.

I went to Karaoke today to, with my couscousbabies (minus Sora and Misa:( )
I had fun, and me and Erika did an AMAZING wannabe rap If I can say so myself.. hehe!
Weelll, I had fun anyways and I love you guys <3

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Dec. 8, 2009

JLPT gick sadar.
Lyssningen var hur enkel som helst, medans uppsatslasandet ( Man laser en sida med text och svarar pa ca 5 fragor) och grammatik delen gick helt at skogen.
att lasa och svara var relativt enkelt men grammatikdelen gick kapprakt at helvete.

Saa jag tror att jag misslyckades, men hoppas pa att jag klarade det! haha

Just nu sitter jag och skriver och har GALET on i ryggen.. OCh jag ar hungrig som en varg.

Anledningen ar sadan att: I was stranded in Yokohama.

SLkort ar inte likadana har.
HAr har man ett sorts magnet kort som fungerar pa tag ( vissa aven pa bussar ).
Nar man koper dessa betalar man en avgift for var man ska aka.
Mitt Kort racker ifran X dar jag bor till min skola i X. Det betyder att jag kan ta Sotetsu (en linje) till Yokohama och sedan byta dar till Keikyu ( annan linje) pa samma kort.
Jag betalar 16 800 yen for tre manader. Och det ar BILLIGT mina vanner, eftersom jag har "skolrabatt". Transportation ar rena rama ranet har borta.
Men tillbaka till historien.
Som sagt, detta kort racker i tre manader, och sedan maste man uppgradera det. Mitt gick ut i... mandags? Och vi har inte uppgraderat det eftersom att jag flyttar imorgon. Sa jag har inget kort.
Det gor att jag maste betala for kippu ( Kommer ni ihag de dar som man betalade 10 kr for pa bussarna for ett tags seda, sa ar dem).

Nu till sjalva grejen..
Jag glomde pengar. Jag tog mig till yokohama med de sista pengar jag hade. Sjalvklart trodde jag att jag hade mer annars hade jag ju lanat ifran nagon.. men det visste jag inte foren jag skulle pa mitt tag och ga igenom sparrarna.
jag hade 4 yen... 100 yen ar ungefar 8 kr, so you do the math.
JAg kunde inte ringa eftersom jag inte har pengar pa min mobil, och smstjansten har gatt ut.
Jag kunde inte andvanda en paytelephone eftersom jag endast hade 4 yen.
I vanliga fall hade jag val bara vantat i yokohama tills mina vardforeldrar ringde.. men jag hade brattom hem ( for att hjalpa till att flyttstada) och sedan dog min mobil.
Sa efter en timme av letande efter Liv pa alla Starbucks som fanns, gav jag upp tanken pa att lana pengar av henne och beslutar mig for att ga hem.
Det ar ungefar som att ga ifran Stockholm till Spanga?
12Km ungefar.
heh. hah... hah fs.
Jaaa.. jag gav upp efter 2 timmars letande. Eftersom jag inte kunde f;lja sparet var jag tvungen att ga zickzack overallt. Tog mig ca 5 stationer av de 14(?) som finns. Sedan gick jag in pa en station, forklaade att jag glomt pengar att min mobil var dod och jag inte visste hur jag skulle ta mig hem.
Sa han ger mig ett fripass...
det enda jag inte kunde tanka var FAN ATT JAG ITE FRAGADE DETTA IFRAN BORJAN...
Sedan tar jag fel tag sa det tar mig 30 min extra att komma hem.

Hemma mots jag av massor av skratt, otousan som bara kunde saga baka och sla mig lite i huvudet.. och sedan forklarade han "snall osm han ar" att jag bara behovt ga till polisen sa ger de dig pengar till en bussrema. Typ nodfallspengar etc.
Dog lite.
Hade inte atit lunch heller.. och hade ont i fotterna.

Nu har jag atit en mandarin och ett halvt apple, eftersom det seriost ar det enda som finns har. Om ca tva timmar ska vi ivag till den underbara Italienska resturangen runt hornet.. Im happy <3 hihi

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Min dodsdag ar imorgon.
Or rather.. JLPT ar imorgon.
Alltsa... ett omojigt japanska test som jag kommer faila.

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