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Typhoon, A witch from Scotland and... us?

Today was a.. Special day.
It was so special indeed that I just have to write about it.
And I’m doing it in English because it’s going to be hard for me to write otherwise (have to translate stuff and so on)

I’m going to take it from the start:

I woke up, went down and ate breakfast, quite normal yes. We always listen to the radio in the mornings, and this morning they were talking about the election that took place yesterday and a typhoon. They said that a typhoon would hit Kanagawa (my prefecture). I got really exited cuz it was my first real typhoon (outside rain season).

I had to fight my way through the rain; I had an umbrella but was still soaked when I reached school.
Later when we were eating lunch, the principal announced that due to the typhoon we could go home!
This meant that we had a really short home room session at 12:30 and then everyone went home. Me and Skye were singing “Singing in the rain” and dancing to my beautifully choreographed dance moves. And both we both were laughing our heads off because it was our first ever typhoon. Haha!
After dancing (while all of our other friends were trying to ignore, and pretend that they didn’t know us) Me Sobia and Skye went to Yokohama.
The day ended a bit.. Weird but I just have to tell you what happened in Mc Donald’s! CRAZY..

We sat down in Mc donalds, because me and skye really needed to study. We actually have to learn all the prefectures in Japan until Thursday.. Japan has 43 prefectures, with names that basically sounds the same. And we also need to learn the KANJIs (Chinese signs). We are screwed.
Anyway.. when we had been sitting there for about 1 hour (me, Sob, Skye and Elijah) a really scary man walks in. Im really sad that I don’t have a picture, but I didn’t dare to take one. I really don’t know what he would have done if I did.. ueh..
But anyway, to make you really understand how creepy he was Im going to try and describe his looks;

Okay.. Imagine a 40-50 year old Japanese man. And then put on breasts ( Elijah told us he had them.) He was really tall, with a to big head, nose and eyes but  he had too short arms with small hands.
Like I said, his nose was rather big like a hawk nose, and he wore white makeup. Not like white foundation, more like white paint. And it was kind of cracked, and you could see the real colors underneath which made him look very.. Grayish.
Imaginge the Jokers ( the dark knight) white paintmakeup. That’s how it was.

Then the most horrible thing of it all was his hair and his eyes.
His hair was a wig. It was long (beneath shoulder length) and black, and had some curls at the bottom.
It was not one of those transvestite wigs, but more one out of a halloween costume.
Then his eyes. First of all, they were really big. Not only the eyes but also the “skin” around them. And he looked a bit like he hadn’t slept for 8 years. Basically everything in the eyes that should be white was a yellowish red color (the color of a sick person). And all the skin around the eyes were also red. It looked like he was infected with some rare animal disease.

Okay, now I know that people really cant help the way they look. Even though he could do LOTS to improve his/her looks.
Weell, anyways the thing that made us scared was the fact that he first came up and sat approximately 5 tables away from us. This was fine, we tried to stifle our laughs at how crazy looking he was and kept on with our conversation. But then when the people next to us left, he moved there instead.
That’s when we started to feel the chills. He had been looking at us the whole time, and now when he sat down he was listening to everything we said and he was still intensely watching us. Like a hawk and it’s pray with those infected red eyes.
He then started to eat his burger (which was a Mcfish). He didn’t eat this like normal people would have.
He took small pieces and awkwardly ate them, making his arms and hands bend in a really weird way. And then he would smile now and then.
Anyone who has seen Death note (Imagine him looking a little like the Death god, and at the same time eating a little bit like L.. Only L does it cute this guy was just plain scary).
The entire time he was sitting there (maybe 30 min) we were scared shitless. And Sobia moved closer and closer to Elijah. But after that he went up and left. We laughed and thanked god he was gone, talked about him for a little while, and then went back to our conversation. THEN
About 20 min later he returned out of nowhere! There he was AGAIN, next to us. This time he was watching us even more, and just listening in on what we were saying.
At the time when he returned I was trying to get Sobia and Elijah to leave so that we actually could study. But when he sat down there was no way Sobia would leave the table (he was sitting to close that she prob had to touch him to get out).
And then when I was in the middle of saying ” come on guys, I’m kicking you out now”

The creepy guy started talking to us...

“I’m a witch”
”it’s because I’m a witch”
And we were just looking at him.
“I burned, (or I’m burning)”
And then he put on big black gloves, on his small fingers that also were bent in the wrong way.
“I’m a witch”
 and he smiled, and started talking about so many things I didn’t really hear. I was the only one nodding, and trying to listen to what he was saying while my friends basically tried to ignore him and start another conversation in the hopes that he would go away. ( I also started to ignore him, but didnt join in the konversatione but really tried to listen to him)
Then the second part Im not sure either it was
 “I can burn you, everyone” or “I was burned, by everyone”
and then he started chanting in Latin.
IN FUCKING LATIN under his breath, while he was looking at us. After that he said something like
” if you are in trouble, just call on me.. “and something.
And after about 5 min, he started to stand up and said
“ Ladies an gentleman” and then he smiled, “ I’m a witch, I live(ed) in Scotland”
 and then he left.. for good this time!

FYFAN! HAHA, so wierd. I thought he was kinda cool, but everytime I tried to tell the others they hit or kicked me and said he was crazy/scary/osv osv...
But.. he was special.. and yeah Probably crazy.

That was my day, how was yours? <3

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21 Augusti

Okej, jag ber om ursakt for dalig uppdatering men jag har faktiskt haft fullt upp.

Vet att de tar en dalig bortforklaring me sa ar det bara. Om jag hade internet pa min dator skule jag kunna uppdatera 24/7 typ, eftersom jag anda inte kan sova pa natterna. Men nu ar internetdatorn placerad I koket vilket begransar min usage. Haha

Okej, jag tankte lagga upp lite bilder nu. Eftersom jag inte orkar skriva egentligen.

Forst kommer bilder pa Ariel <3 Bara for att jag saknar henne!

Best Group, Best Team. Love you Black Cherry<3
Never had so much throatburn in my entire life. But its not that strange though, we spent 90% of our time laughing.
 Weell.. we wernt funny at all prob, but come on Poo trees and stuff like that will always be in my heart<3

 -Im going to post some pictures, cuz Im to damn lazy to actually write that much.
First of all pictures of Ariel cuz I miss her crazy much<3

Har aven spenderat storsta delen av min tid den senaste veckan till att secondhand shoppa.
Det var nog min trost for att inte musikallagret blev av.. Jag menar vem BRYR sig om nio pers fick Svininfluensan?
Jag ville verkligen traffa alla mina vanner igen och gora allt jag alskar. Svininfluensan forstor mitt liv (allt som saknas har ar ett dramaqueen anfall och dorrar som smaller!)

Tankte dock inte posta allt jag kopt, men gor nog det pa min bilddagbok.
Men jag lagger upp nagra av sakerna jag inforskaffat har bara for att!


Och det far racka! hihi

-Ive spent nearly all my days this past week shopping. Ive found so many good vintage stores in harajuku!
The musical camp was Cancled due to Swineflu, so I blame them for my shopaholic behaviour.

Idag var en underbar underbar dag. Den spenderades med Llydia och Gussieboi<3
Tycker att det ar helt Awesome att han faktiskt kommit ner till tokyo nu, funderar att valdgasta honom pa ambassaden dar han lever lyxliv och ater svensk frukost.
Efter mycket forvirring mottes vi upp i shibuya, och dar kilade vi runt lite vilset. Tillsut bestamde vi oss for att ga till karaoke. BRA IDE japp. Vi sjong allt irfan Rammstein till barbiegirl och hade det allmant trevligt. HAr flera videor pa gustaf nar han sjunger. Jag vet inte hur han gor det men han lyckas lata som en perfekt kopia av allt han sjunger. Riktigt sott.<3
Efter shibuya at vi kebab, och pa kebabhaket stotte vi pa ngn kand martialartstvUsagrejs brosa. Jag hangde inte riktigt med, men Foto pa honom och gustaf finns nu.
Vid halv 4 tiden lamnade vi shibuya och tog oss till Harajuku, dar vi gick och gock och gick runt.
Men jag hade det trevligt och saknar redan den dar langa blonda.


The pic was one of those unexpected failure ones. So we both look kind of natural. Cute heh.

-I met up with Llydia and Gustaf today in Shibuya. We went to Karaoke = a really fun day.
I missed the dude so I was happy to see him again, and Im contiplating whether to go to the embassy and pay a suprise visit to him. And eat his swedish food... moahah.

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Jag ar val medveten om att bilderna endast var fyrkanter, tar darfor bort inlagget salange och postar det igen snart

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Ganska klockrent tycker jag.

ska borja skriva min blogg pa svenska igen, eftersom jag fatt massor av klagomal.. haha, ska se till att den skrivs pa bada spraken.

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Har sjukt mycket att uppdatera.
Har haft en udnerbar tid den senaste manaden, det  har varit sjukt stressigt. Men a andra sidan alskar jag att alltid ha saker att gora.
Men kroppsligt mar jag inte bra just nu, har gatt upp sa mycket i vikt pa sa kort tid att min kropp inte riktigt klarar av det.
Kan darfor inte helt njuta av mitt utbyutesar vilket ar synd!
Men ska forhoppningsvis spendera min dag pa starbucks imorn, och chilla och skriva ner allt som hant sedan 1 augusti, sa om allt gar som jag vill sa kommer det en lang uppdatering.

har aven idag kopt frimarken sa att jag kan skicka mormorsbrev. haha!

PS.  Pappa, kan du skicka PHOTOSHOP<3 saknaren, plut nagra USBsticks, eftersom min Cdrive ar 89% full haha

PUSS saknar er all i Sverige, but Im Fighting on over here

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Scary shit


 I woke up this morning, and everything was shaking. My mom came running up the stairs
( I have no idea how she managed through all that shaking)
and she was telling me that if it got worse or that if one more comes, I have to crawl under my desk.

Aug. 11 A magnitude-6.5 earthquake struck near the coast of Japan, injuring more than 50 people and damaging buildings southwest of Tokyo as a tropical storm approached the area bringing heavy rain.
It hit Tokyo at 5:07 a.m. local time. JMA earlier put the magnitude of the quake, the second to hit near Tokyo in two days, at 6.6.

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Hey everyone!
I'm not really in the mood for updating, nor do I have the time.
Tomorrow I'm going out shopping for some last min things before camp, and then Im writing a speech about Sweden in Japanese. I have no Idea how that is going to happen, but I hope for a last minute miracle. Im really thinking of messaging my LP ( help person) and ask her to translate for me. Gah.

Now to a more positive thing!
I have three goldfish swimming in a Jar next to me atm.
The story is kind of not that fascinating, it isn't even long. But It's kind of cool that I got three goldfish now! haha

The tale how goldfish ended up on my table:

 it was the first August, and we went out for a natsu masturi in my neighborhood ( pictures, and update about that  will come out eventually when I actually feel Alive again).
At natsu matsuri in Japan you can fish for gold fish it might look something like this:

Exept these guys are like expert because its hella hard!
The thing is that you get a little thing too fish with, in the picture above its like a really thin paper, that kind of brakes after awhile, so you have to be fast yet tactical if you want any fish. In my case I had a kind of cookie thing, which melts in water. So after about 20 seconds its useless. I was really good though actually, I got up about 8 fish but they jumped out before I could put them in my bag. The thing was that I thought that you had to actually catch them to receive them. But for every time you tried you got one.
I tried 3 times= 300 yen. which is about 25 kr.
And I got three goldfish.
So atm they are on my table, in a big jar thingy. They usually only survives a week my Host mom said, but I think mine will survive longer. So tomorrow I'm getting some plants and sand for them so they actually have a good home! hihi

now to why I'm posting this!



There are two orange that look the same, so I want like piff och puff names. Like similar names if you get it?
and the other one Ive already named . its Herr. Gurka.
So right now the names are
Herr. Gurka
which means one and two. So not that creative.

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Crazy Tired Sarah = CTS ??? he

Its nearly 5 am. Im awake.
It didnt help that I havnt slept at all. Bah.

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Natsu Matsuri

Hihi Im now leaving for a little natsumatsuri in my neighbourhood.
(Natsu matsuri = summer festival)
Pictures will be posted today or next week, because I'm leaving the house 4 in the morning tomorrow.

Two days in Kyoto awaits my glorious presence. Hehehehe..


My schedule for August is clogged.

Today:                                                               Matsuri

Tomorrow:                                                        Kyoto

Monday:                                                             Kyoto

Tuseday early morning? :                              come back, and rest

Wednesday:                                                     Roppongi

Thusrday:                                                          Harajuku to buy shoes and stuff I need for camp

Friday:                                                                 early morning leave for camp

Monday night?:                                                 I come back

Tuesday:                                                            I rest

Wednesday:                                                      I go to next camp.

Saturday:                                                            will be spent resting from the camps.

And then there is a American thingy Im going to with dancing and stuff.


Ill see when I can update LOVE YOU ALL

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