<3: 2009-10-17, kl 05:58:01 | <3: Allmänt

Uppdatering kommer!

I just came home after a tiring but Awesome night at Soras.

Shinjuku by night, new really nice people,
Seeing Sora again(missed you soo much<3)
 Girltalk-mostly in Japanese.. Im kinda proud of myself- And much more.

I will try to write an update today on paper, and then put it in here with some pictures. I didnt take that many, but maybe some will be uploaded. I just ate a Mikan (read=Mandarin) and I couldnt be happier!
hihi, Life is great atm.
hum.. Yeah Like I said Ill try to update today or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow though, because Im leaving for Yuikas party, Shes turning 18 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING<3
Im going to write down everything thats happend on  a piece of paper, then write it on my laptop upstairs probably tonight when I cant sleep, use a USB and transfer it to this computer. And guess what? Ill do it in Swedish! hihi

Now, I have to Go change clothes maybe shower, and then Im off!
Im going to try to contact Liv so we can take a coffee before the party, otherwise Ill just spend the time finishing my letter to mormor(Grandma). I bought a new pen today MOHAHA.

Yeah. AND OH BTW on the way to my house I saw the most DISGUSTINGkiller spider ever. So I decided to photograph it. So pics of that will also come eventually. And then I saw one just like the first one maybe 1 m after. So I started counting.. I gave up at 17 and I wasnt even half way home yet then. And this was a 500m walk.. I also saw 6 cute small blue/purple(ish?) butterflies, 8 other kinds of spiders.

Eh.. yeh

Note to self:
This is what I need to update:
 - Bunkasai
 - Soras house and Shinjuku
 - Yuikas party
 - pictures from all over
 Anything else?

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