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Fuck is a good word.

I dropped/Forgot my mobile somewhere today. Eiteher that or someone took it from my bag which feels rather unrealistic unfortunatly.
So Right now Im hoping for a call, Im hoping that an honest person found it and called someone on my contact list. But as Im writing this I realise that the chance is slim.

1. I CANNOT afford another mobile, and Im so angry because I recharged my mobile yesterday.

2. I CANNOT CANNOT ask my paretns for money for this.
 I would never want them to buy me a new one because I was irresponsible.

3. I already owe my host parents a new electric dictonary that I killed, and AFSinnsurance didnt cover that.

4. I spent 12 000 yen the last 2 weeks on birthdayparties, eating out with friends, sleepovers, bunkasai,
starbucks and lastly my mobile bill. Its expensive to have fun, and I dont want to sit home 24/7 either...

5. I need more money But I feel so bad asking my parents (I AM SO SORRY).

6. The stress I feel over my life down here, my money problem, and my energyproblem is killing me slowly.

Life has been better.

ps. I have fun, and wonderful friends.. Dont worry about those things.
      Im just SO stressed out and having these financialproblems doesnt help that stress at all..


bli inte hora bara ):

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Annika S

Pengaproblem suger, och att inte ha sin mobil är sååå irriterande, jag vet att det kan låta som klassiska i-landsproblem, men är man stressad och borta hemifrån behöver man att saker finns och funkar. Hade jag haft pengar hade jag hjälpt dig, men vi sitter i sjön rätt rejält som det är här hemma. Tänker snälla tankar och hoppas det fixar till sig snart. Kram

Hanna :D

Sånt suger D: hitta ett helgjobb? fast det kanske är lika jobbigt där borta som här? Hoppas det löser sig <3

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