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24 oktober

Met up with the Cutie in the picture. Shes been in Kyoto with her class for a week, so I havent seen her for ages.
Or it felt like that anyways. We decided to walk all the way to portside to a cafe Ive been wanting to check out for some time now.
I was trying to teach her the way to portside because Im moving there in december. It did not go that well, which I should have know.. her lokalsinne is not the best.

Im moving into one of the houses in the background. This photo was taken from the same building that the cafe was located.

This is what we ate..
We couldnt resist! hahha OMG we were so happy that we are able to comunicate in swedish and norweigan. That way we could say so many things that are so tabu. But I have a feeling most people could understand what we were thinking, laughing and talking about. We even had a hard timepaying due to laughing to much haha!

I mean.. come on!



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Jaja jag vet i alla fall vad jag tänker! :)

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