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Solar Eclipse, Starbucks and lifestories.

Yesterday sucked big time, all I did was stay home and sleep. I actually woke up at 10 am and went to bed at 5 pm.
I mean Come on, that SUCKS!
I also spent most of the night not beeing able to sleep, due to the fact that a Mosquito had found its way into my room.
Im now joining Elijahs Army on destroying those things. Any that comes near me should prepare for
a slow, and painful death.


The rest of the night was actually quite good. I had a dream about Zombies, but it was kind of cool and exiting.
And wierdly enough no one of importance died. ( My dreams usually contain people that I love dying. And I tend to dream them over and over again, and I always have to hear and watch them dying really horrible deaths).
I watched Resident evil before sleeping, and I guess that is what caused the dreams. But like I said I loved them and I wouldnt mind dreaming more things like that. A tad more romance and me snogging a handsome guy would make it even better... but eh./

Today was one of those really good ones.
I was supposed to go swimming inthe morning but Liv had a probelm with her eye so that unfortunatly didnt happen.
But we met up in Yokohama at about 12:30 and went to buy a new foundation/powder for Liv. She lost the one she bought two weeks ago.. HAHAHHAAHHA... sorry.
At about 12:50 I get a text from Maiju saying that she will be about 20 min late. So me an Liv decide on going to starbucks. We order a Ice chailatte to share and tehn we sit down to talk about everything and anything.
HHa, the converstaions I have with that girl are amazing. love you to bits!
We shared our lifestories and then maiju came. We all continued talking for about an hour, and then we decided to go to Minato mirai.
Or choice was between Ikea or Minatomirai, but in the end minatomirai won beacause they have an exhebition (spell?) about ancient egyptian artifacts they reacently found in the nile and the sea. And as the museumgeeks we are we went for that! When we arrived there though, we decided that we didnt want to pay 2500 yen. So our new mission became to find a place to eat lunch. ( it was about 3pm )..
Liv wanted Sushi, or somthing good an healthy and not fast food.
Me and Maiju wanted something cheap and not so much food.

In the end we found a Tacos place, and me an maiju DIED of happiness. And Liv was a really good sport and agreed to eating there after seeing our "happykidsonchristmaswhenrecievinggifts" faces. I mean who could say no to that!
Even Maiju who usually agrees to anything really ( she is like the most kind person Ive ever met) was like.. " Okay, I want to eat here. We are soo eating here now" haha<3
So we ate tacos, and Ive really missed it like crazy! Im gonna eat tacos sometime this summervacation as lunch MHM...

But I really have to say that this say was really fun and that I really loved the company/


Ps. Schoggi was with us today too!
      And I now have purikura with Schoggi haahah <3

Ps2. Sry there are no pics!


Vad roligt att höra att du hade en bra dag! Pappa och jag har inte ätit Tacos sen du åkte. Det kanske är dags med det snart. Vi åker till landet i morgon igen. Så se till att du vet hur mycket pengar du har på kontot :)

Ablah är sommaryster och bara älskar svampplockning, ok hon struntar i svampen men älskar att vi tycker det är en bra idé att gå långa promenader i skogen. Kaninerna rasar som dårar i buren på landet. De har ju större bur där än vårat hus. Sirena har dock lite problem Anders och Tessan (gula huset) har också skaffat katt så nu ska hon slåss med tre grannkatter om reviret.

Och Ablah har fullt sjå att vakta på kaninerna.

Oj vad godis du måste fått, från Hanna, mig och Emeli.



Nu har du inga ursäkter längre att blogga utan bilder. Nu har du ju en kamera att ta med överallt! Och du som trodde att du fick den för din egen skull. hihihi

Jag måste säga att jag ser fram emot att se purikura with Schoggi.



Haha pikyra med shoggi :D <3 det måste vi få se


First of all; it's exhibition. (dudidudiduu noll IQ dudidudiduuuu IQ ZERO)

Second of all; dreaming of a certain person's death means that the person is going to live a long life according to thai beliefs. So tell me, have you dreamt about me dying? :D

There was a third but I can't remember it ...

Oh right, the mosquitos! I believe that they have no function in this world besides putting pattern on my skin which is a very unflattering thing to do so I say get them among the endangered species!

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haha, jag saknar tacos. I think Im going to try making some someday next week maybe.. hum..

I also miss swedish summer and kantarellplockning. haha.

Yeah, well.. I buy the batteries for my camera at the 100yen shop. So they go out like in 2 hours. So I never have batteries!! haha.

But Im going to get better ahha

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