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Short update!

What the title says..

1. My summervacation is now starting to kick Ass. Im going to to so many things in August that I dont really know If Im gonna make out alive! haha ( Liknar Annicaschema! )

2. Yesterday there was like a typhoon here. 20seconds= 2 cm rain.

3. I went out jogging 20 min in that rain. I was drenched before I could say Multiplikationstabellen.

4. Im doing a kind of "help japanese children with english" today and tommorrow. Im dying..

5. My trainline was "out of order" probably due to a suicidal.. Japan is very special. heh

Kisses and hugs, and Ill try to update on thursday if the kids havnt killed me until then.


Good luck with the kids :D you'll need it :P <3


Hahah du ville ju testa mitt liv för en tag, nu är din chans babe! haha De är bara höra av dig om du behöver tips! haha saknar dig för mycket<3<3<3

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saknar dig som fan

<3: 2009-07-30, 02:08:36 | URL: http://msvicious.blogg.se/

hihi tänkte bara meddela att jag använder google translater för att läsa din blogg^^ hhihihi<3

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