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Pool och Oxford?

Hey everyone<3

Today was a very slow, but fun day never the less.

I didn't sleep good at all last night, I think I may have gotten one hour sleep. And I went to bed at 7 o clock.

At 4:30 I gave up and went up to drink some milk and just stretch. My whole body was aching from lying in a bed for nearly 10 hours. One thing I'm telling you guys.. The human body is not made for lying still in a bed.  Hmpf.

At about 6 o'clock I fell asleep I think because I didn't hear my brother and father leaving the house. Next time I checked the clock it was 8 something.

Well, At 1 I met up with Liv and we walked to our destination.

                                                                                         Today's destination; ..... ... .. ...

                                                                                                               ASAHI POOL!

Which meant Swimming.. I love swimming. Hihi

In Japan you have to have a swimming(cap?) the hats you know? You look Ridiculous with them on, but Oh well!

Japanese changing rooms smell bad FYI. And they have many strange rules like not being allowed to wear bracelets and stuff.. ( I actually forgot mine, and we had to walk back and ask for them).

Weell, The pool was weird, and one length was for swimming one way, and the other for swimming back.
This meant that you had to stop every time you "touched the wall", Which also meant you couldn't do any turns, and that you never really got tired.
Also one thing that surprised me really much was the fact that the water level was even. In Sweden we have the "shallow" end and the "deep" end. This pool only had shallow. And NO ONE dived.

When the sun went down we decided to go to the outside pool. And the air was so NICE.

(the pool was situated on a hill, so it was really windy and felt like Swedish summer).
Japanese people were hugging themselves to try to keep warm, and complaining about the cold.
And me and Liv were dead happy! Haha

When we were finished and went out to the showers, we noticed something very strange..

No one was washing their hair or body..

We were shocked! Okay, this country is like really hygienic. They are like scary..

But they don't shower after swimming? That is just disgusting.

I know that they will shower at night later and take a bath.. but come on? So me and Liv washed our hair in the sink instead. Hahha...After that we were supposed to go to shibuya and med Skye and her friend.
But it was so late so we went to a McDonalds and took a coffee instead. I ate dinner because none of my parents are home tonight, and I'm to lazy to cook.


So I have been very bored, sitting by the computer for about an hour and a half and with nothing to do I started searching some Colleges. I really really really want to go on a short "program" I don't know what its called.

But its two terms to Oxford. I really really do. But I probably have to study as HELL. Mom if/when you read this, please call me because we have much to discuss! hihi

The schools Ive looked at so far are:
University College London
King's College London
  but Oxford is the one that appeals to me most. Id love to go Social something and maybe medievial(spell?) English?
I dont really know. Maybe art. hum....

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