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Typhoon, A witch from Scotland and... us?

Today was a.. Special day.
It was so special indeed that I just have to write about it.
And I’m doing it in English because it’s going to be hard for me to write otherwise (have to translate stuff and so on)

I’m going to take it from the start:

I woke up, went down and ate breakfast, quite normal yes. We always listen to the radio in the mornings, and this morning they were talking about the election that took place yesterday and a typhoon. They said that a typhoon would hit Kanagawa (my prefecture). I got really exited cuz it was my first real typhoon (outside rain season).

I had to fight my way through the rain; I had an umbrella but was still soaked when I reached school.
Later when we were eating lunch, the principal announced that due to the typhoon we could go home!
This meant that we had a really short home room session at 12:30 and then everyone went home. Me and Skye were singing “Singing in the rain” and dancing to my beautifully choreographed dance moves. And both we both were laughing our heads off because it was our first ever typhoon. Haha!
After dancing (while all of our other friends were trying to ignore, and pretend that they didn’t know us) Me Sobia and Skye went to Yokohama.
The day ended a bit.. Weird but I just have to tell you what happened in Mc Donald’s! CRAZY..

We sat down in Mc donalds, because me and skye really needed to study. We actually have to learn all the prefectures in Japan until Thursday.. Japan has 43 prefectures, with names that basically sounds the same. And we also need to learn the KANJIs (Chinese signs). We are screwed.
Anyway.. when we had been sitting there for about 1 hour (me, Sob, Skye and Elijah) a really scary man walks in. Im really sad that I don’t have a picture, but I didn’t dare to take one. I really don’t know what he would have done if I did.. ueh..
But anyway, to make you really understand how creepy he was Im going to try and describe his looks;

Okay.. Imagine a 40-50 year old Japanese man. And then put on breasts ( Elijah told us he had them.) He was really tall, with a to big head, nose and eyes but  he had too short arms with small hands.
Like I said, his nose was rather big like a hawk nose, and he wore white makeup. Not like white foundation, more like white paint. And it was kind of cracked, and you could see the real colors underneath which made him look very.. Grayish.
Imaginge the Jokers ( the dark knight) white paintmakeup. That’s how it was.

Then the most horrible thing of it all was his hair and his eyes.
His hair was a wig. It was long (beneath shoulder length) and black, and had some curls at the bottom.
It was not one of those transvestite wigs, but more one out of a halloween costume.
Then his eyes. First of all, they were really big. Not only the eyes but also the “skin” around them. And he looked a bit like he hadn’t slept for 8 years. Basically everything in the eyes that should be white was a yellowish red color (the color of a sick person). And all the skin around the eyes were also red. It looked like he was infected with some rare animal disease.

Okay, now I know that people really cant help the way they look. Even though he could do LOTS to improve his/her looks.
Weell, anyways the thing that made us scared was the fact that he first came up and sat approximately 5 tables away from us. This was fine, we tried to stifle our laughs at how crazy looking he was and kept on with our conversation. But then when the people next to us left, he moved there instead.
That’s when we started to feel the chills. He had been looking at us the whole time, and now when he sat down he was listening to everything we said and he was still intensely watching us. Like a hawk and it’s pray with those infected red eyes.
He then started to eat his burger (which was a Mcfish). He didn’t eat this like normal people would have.
He took small pieces and awkwardly ate them, making his arms and hands bend in a really weird way. And then he would smile now and then.
Anyone who has seen Death note (Imagine him looking a little like the Death god, and at the same time eating a little bit like L.. Only L does it cute this guy was just plain scary).
The entire time he was sitting there (maybe 30 min) we were scared shitless. And Sobia moved closer and closer to Elijah. But after that he went up and left. We laughed and thanked god he was gone, talked about him for a little while, and then went back to our conversation. THEN
About 20 min later he returned out of nowhere! There he was AGAIN, next to us. This time he was watching us even more, and just listening in on what we were saying.
At the time when he returned I was trying to get Sobia and Elijah to leave so that we actually could study. But when he sat down there was no way Sobia would leave the table (he was sitting to close that she prob had to touch him to get out).
And then when I was in the middle of saying ” come on guys, I’m kicking you out now”

The creepy guy started talking to us...

“I’m a witch”
”it’s because I’m a witch”
And we were just looking at him.
“I burned, (or I’m burning)”
And then he put on big black gloves, on his small fingers that also were bent in the wrong way.
“I’m a witch”
 and he smiled, and started talking about so many things I didn’t really hear. I was the only one nodding, and trying to listen to what he was saying while my friends basically tried to ignore him and start another conversation in the hopes that he would go away. ( I also started to ignore him, but didnt join in the konversatione but really tried to listen to him)
Then the second part Im not sure either it was
 “I can burn you, everyone” or “I was burned, by everyone”
and then he started chanting in Latin.
IN FUCKING LATIN under his breath, while he was looking at us. After that he said something like
” if you are in trouble, just call on me.. “and something.
And after about 5 min, he started to stand up and said
“ Ladies an gentleman” and then he smiled, “ I’m a witch, I live(ed) in Scotland”
 and then he left.. for good this time!

FYFAN! HAHA, so wierd. I thought he was kinda cool, but everytime I tried to tell the others they hit or kicked me and said he was crazy/scary/osv osv...
But.. he was special.. and yeah Probably crazy.

That was my day, how was yours? <3


Jag upplevde också en scary sak imorse. Jag åkte tunnelbana och det satt en massa

människor med vilt stirrande blick, vita i ansiktet och konstiga ljud strömmade från

huvudena där TRÅDAR kom ut från öronen. Då och då kom ett stön eller annat gurgligt ljud från dom.

Nä, ska nog fortsätta åka cyckel så länge jag kan.....


Fyfan va creepy! låter som värsta skräckberättelsen typ haha. I'm glad u made it alive! min dag var najs. men imorgon kommer martibskolan till oss.. de blir typ 42 pers i samma klassrum.. denna vecka o nästa.. kthxbye typ -.- Men annars är allt bra med mig. :) Jag vill ha mer japanesbilder! Visa mer bilder :( har fortfarnade inte sett ditt rum!!


sarah.. seriöst, ofta du inte själv inser vad det påminner om. han är LÄTT, alltså e helt seriös, han ÄR en vampyr. kom igen, allt tyder på det. han var blek, hade konstiga ögon, pratade latinska osvosv. seriously, är hundra på att du träffat din första vampyr. omg hahah hade lätt velat vara där shit.. var försiktig. älskar dig och ska svara på ditt mail snart! hihi puss

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the thai witch

HAHAAHAHAHA aj min mage

seriöst, latin? Mannen du skulle tagit kort! Nej, vänta du skulle filmat! Jaaaaa, hahahaha...då hade han/hon verkligen "burnt you up"

<3: 2009-09-06, 21:34:55 | URL: http://chalisak.blogg.se/
the thai witch 2

hahahahaha...nej fyfan vad min fantasi fungerar bra ikväll. Shizuka detta är inte bra. Jag kommer ju att drömma om the scottish witch.

ps. Hur luktade han? Jag har nämligen fått för mig att han luktar rutten mat blandat med gammal parfym och blöta tjocktröjor som vart ute i skogen.


O.O ... Scary D:

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