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7/11 09

Im going to write this in english, jus because I can. Well not really but Im very annoyed at that this keyboard does not have a a and o. So annoyed in fact, that everytime I try writing in swdish I end up wanting to smash it into thousands of tiny pieces, jump on it and laugh. And  noo.. I am perfectly sane ok?!

Today I have:

Woken up at two o’clock 

Taken a shower ( that lasted for 45 min.) Probably the longest shower Ive taken since coming here.
But cleaning my face here just DOESN’T work. I’m allergic to the water, seriously. I get all read and itch and get rash like things all over. Not fun at all! 

Gone to Yokohama and spent 6 hours with Liv. <3 

Sat outside with Liv and a coffee (Some Norwegian chocolate too) at 7 o’clock. I was only wearing a Sweater but I didn’t freeze at all mind you. Its November but it does not feel like it here. 

Finally posted the letter to grandmother that Ive been carrying around in my bag now for 2-3 weeks.

Finished reading Wuthering Heights. 
Which by the way is a REALLY good book that I recommend to anyone who understands the English language well enough to really appreciate the book.

I’m right now writing here so that I don’t have to do what I really have to.

Did that make any sense?

The thing is that I’m waking up early tomorrow -well early for a Sunday anyway-, to go to an AFS thing. We are going to too talk about peace, or rather share our viewpoints on it. And so we have to prepare some things to say. And I mean in Swedish I could say a Million thins to say without preparing. In English as well, I even think I could do it in German. But this has to be in Japanese.. Figures ofc since I’m in Japan, but still.. It sucks.

We have to list up 10 words that reminds us of Peace, and I have 8 at the moment. I even fail at that, not because I don’t know Japanese enough, more due to the fact that I just can’t list anymore about peace for I only think of peace as love understanding and acceptance.

I hate this!

And THUS I’m writing here instead so I don’t have to do the peace study homework.




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Långt hår du har :P<3

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