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my life atm.

Hihi, Dark picture I know sry guys!
But I thought you wanted to see my BEAUTIFUL face!hahaha or something.
And NADJA! look at my boobs! they are HUGE!!

Hihi, Sobia Gave Skye timtams!
Happy happy skye.
Omg, she got so happy... Apparantly for all you who read this and dont really understand, timtam is like the most essentional thing for australian people. And they are really expensive here.
For all swedish people, think Ballerina kakor, eller Chokladbollar! In sweden they cost like 14/ 5 kr. Here ballerina costs like 35 kr.. So its a big difference.

And last but not least!
This adorable picture of erika and.... CHEESE!
Its a cream stick, Yucky I know!! And Erika used her indestructable teeth, and opend the creemstick with superheroforce!
She is now my Idol.
(just to mention the end is made of steal, Kind of. So it hurts youteeth BAD!)


they're actually enormous omg

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jag saknar dig enormt omgggg

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HAHHA I know!

They are growiing! haha, eh.. well not anymore but hey!

Miss you tooo darl

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