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Oke.. Today Ive been watching a documentary called Jesus camp.
You can find it here, and I really think that everyone should see it.


"Let me say something about Harry potter. = WARLOCKS ARE ENEMIES TO GOD"

"I don't care what kind of heroes they are. If Harry was in the Old Testament, he would be put to death."

This is (not exactly word by word) what the Campleader is saying to the kids when talking about sin. She basically forbids them to read a childrens fiction book, because its "evil".

The worst part though is, that a child screamed out AMEN after and then all of them clapped their hands.


I think that many of the children are more scared then happy in this camp. They live in families who brainwash them to belivie in the things that the parents want them to believe in. They are not allowed to go to school but are home schooled into believing that the bilbe is the only right thing. That science is fake and that things like globalwarming doesn't exist.  One of the clips in the movie included a mother telling her son that evolution as the bible states is the only possible way becasue "it is the only way that answers all the questions" she also said that the Darwin theory is a piece of crap.
 The children only meet other families that have the exact same belives and values, and they are not allowed to learn anything other. and all their friends are in the same kind of communities.
They are stripped of "their own choice". God gave human kind a brain, and he gave them the ability to think and based on infromation and feelings make decicions.
 Animals have only instinct. They cant go over in their heads pros and cons.
These children are basically being "degraded" to animals.

They aren't even allowed to hear ghost stories. Because
                                    " god wants you to focus on the truth and the things that are good"

When they were eating they prayed for end of abortion and revival of America.

Shouldn't they be thanking for the food, singing of happiness that they are there together. And be thanking
 that they are alive, seeing the sun once more?
Being happy for the new day that has come is something that I think everyone should be.
I do not think that praying for the end of abortion is appropriate for 7-12 year old kids?

And then a boy was talking about that he wasn't allowed to see Harry potter because of the witchcraft, and a boy said that his mother wouldn't let him but that he had seen them at his dads. And everyone went quiet as if it was a really bad thing.

On the last day, the Camp leader Woman was screaming out that this is war. WHAT IS WAR?

  • That they are the only right religion?
  • That they are at war against America?
  • Or that they are at war against all people that doesn't share the same beliefs?
Christianity is not about war, but that is what they are teaching the children

The point of this camp is creating children armys. And make them believe that the are doing everything for God.
And the only argument she has is that everyone else is doing it.

Shouldn't then chrisianity that has what I would like to say ; the most compassionate "rules and guidelines" be the better person?

Shouldn't they reach out for peace, and try to make people understand that love is the most important thing?

These people make me want to cry.

And the most digusting thing about it is that children around these ages believe with all their heart and soul what their parents say. And its going to be imprinted in their brains forever. ( this is also what makes them so easy targets. Creating a new army is easier with small kids than with 20 year olds)

This is probably the most sick thing Ive ever seen. I consider myself as Christian.
 I feel perfectly comfortable to go to church. When I have problems in my life, I know that I'm not alone、I know that I can put my worries in gods hands and that I in that way can move on..

I feel sorry for people that think that they live alone.


Things happening right now in the USA are not normal. It's not healthy in any kind of way It sickens me and I just want to shake the parents and camp leaders and tell then to get a grip.

One of the things that made me most irritated was the fact that the leader woman was in the beginning saying that Israel and Palestine are teaching their kids to go out in war. And that she said that we have to start teaching our kids about the bible, and Jesus at a young age.
She was speaking of the things children in Palestine are being taught. They get to know how to handle guns and bombs. How to sacrifice themselves for their god.

 Is that what we want our kids to learn as well? Is she really implying that we should teach kids that Christianity is the only right thing and that se should do anything for Jesus?
That we also should die and kill for him?

What happened to "Loving each other?".

I don't believe in the bible. I think most of it is to aged, and actually not that accurate in our lives today. The fact that most of it was written down hundred of years after it happened makes me unsure of how reliable it is. It is also all written by men, and woman is turned into the villain.

I do not believe that god saw that all was good blah blah, that he created earth in that way.

I do however think that god had something to do with the creation of earth. It's a to big of a coincidence that everything is the way it is today. I would say that yes I believe the big bang, but at the same time I believe god made big bang happen.

I also do not believe the fact that Jesus was god son, but I have great respects for what he stands for.. And I could really care less if Im wrong or right.

Many of you are now probably going to say or think that I'm not a Christian, that the bible and Jesus are a fundamental part in Christianity. And in some ways you are right.

But for me Christianity is, to love each other unconditionally. Accept each other, and keep peace.

Understand that you are never alone and that things happen for a reason.

And I think that is the most important part in both the religion and the bible.

That is what we need to teach our children.

To accept each other as we are.


I (L) u fan!

Såg halva den dokumentären för rätt länge sen på tv och sökte över internet för att hitta hela, men då kunde jag inte hitta den :O

thx! :D


wow, down girl XD måste ha varit en otroligt irriterande/tankeväckande dokumentär för att du skulle skriva ett skitlångt inlägg om det ^-^ Orkar tyvärr inte kolla på de eftersom jag blir så himla arg på sånt där =P Men jag tycker att all religion är läskig >.< & jag skulle inte kunna leva utan harry potter & vampyr böcker XD

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Sarah ingen får någonsin bestämma vad som är din tro, de finns inga ideal i krostendom inte som ska va eller borde vara.

Din tro är precis som du tycker att den ska vara, dina åsikter är inte mer eller mindra kristna för de!! Kände att jag var tvungen att säga de för de stör mig såå mycket när alla säger att man kan inte vara kristen om man inte är si eller så!! men inte så konstigt u know me hahah love you!!

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HHAHA, ur welcome<3


hehu, yeah.. I kinda wanted to cry or punch someone really hard. I was sitting alone in my house and I was litterally screaming at the tv. haha...


Thank you baby<3

It means alot to me that you have that opinion.<3

I share the same one, but Ive been told so many times that Im not a christian cuz I dont believe in some of the things in that religion.

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Väldigt bra skrivet. Jag är inte heller ett stort fan av bibeln men ingen kan säga tillmig vad jag är och inte är på grund av det! puss

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