<3: 2009-07-13, kl 11:33:01 | <3: Allmänt

I got the concept and came to the conclusion.

Okay guys!

First of I want to say THANK YOU too all of you that congratulated me on my birthday!

Both in person, phone calls mails, blog, and bdb<3

And I just wanna say that when I get back to Sweden
there is a big saft och bullkalas for all of those who are interested.
( and if no one is interested then Ill force some of you.. hih? )


Then 2, I want to declare that from now on my blog is going to be written in both English and Swedish because I want my friends here to be able to understand what I write.
 ( and I think its only fair that they know what Im writing,
I mean.. I could be writing really much shit about them and such sooo.. yeah fair game here people!)

And my Japanese is not good enough to be published, and if it was no one of you Swedish
would understand.
Therefore I will use English

                                                                 Everyone satisfied?
 Yeah oke!


3. My weekend has been really good, and I'm currently writing about it, but it takes time cuz all
 I really want to do is sleep.                                      Haha...

4. My unbelievingly awesome parents bought me a camera and sent it here, as a birthday gift.
And guess what?!
                                    It can video tape!

This means that I'm setting up an account on youtube, and maybe there will be some video blog/posts here in the future.. ( I already have one in mind actually)

5. I bought a pretty dress, leggings, a bra and two panties today for about 250 kr. Im loving it!


PS. I'm also currently trying to answer mails, it's a really (like really, really) slow process.. but I'm trying to anyway! hhaaha


Jag tänker lätt komma på the big saft och bullkalas <3 :D YEEEY jag är trött på sommarlovet redan ^^ ska åka till skåne imorgon dock :D så de ska bli najs, skolan börjar igen för mig den 18 augusti :D känns jättespännande och samtidigt skitläskigt då jag inte kommer känna någon alls x'D hahahaha <33

Saknar dig :D massor !!


saft och bullkalas <333 awesome!!!

Och jag ser fram emot dina vloggar :P <333 haha


Kom igen nu! Du är långsam! :P <3


Ditt hår har blivit fett långt^^ Påminn mig om att jag måste skicka din present.. Annars kommer jag glömma det :P

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