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Shinjuku, Harajuku och Aircon!

Hey guys.
Im really trying to post some of the thing Ive been up to the last months, but my memory is kinda failing me.
Today is my first actual day of summervacation, and taht is why Im able to update now.

the 19th I met Emily<3
She has been like the best ever and brought me things with her from Sweden. I dont know were I can begin to thank her!
I had to wake up at around 7 cuz I had to leave the housa at about 8.30.
We had scheduled that we would meet up in Shinjuku at 10 am, which we did.
I was soo nervous that I would take the wrong train. The night before I went my dad was saying stuff like Im gonna be lost in the Shinjuku station cuz its so big. And he even printed out a map, which just made me really confused.
I dont really see the problem in finding my way, I can ask for the way r just follow signs. Its the train that makes me nervous cuz there is like 5 different lines on the same platform.
But I got on the right one, and found my way to the west exit in Shinjuku without any complications!

We met up at 10 as planned, and it was soo good seeing her and also beeing able to talk swedish!
We headed towords her appartment, the aircondition was calling. There we sat for like an hour and ate cocosbollar that she had brought with her! OMG I died. They were so good. ( and no it doesnt matter that they were squashed, they still taste the same. Allt ska blandas i magen hehu ).

Afteer chilling for awhile, we decided that we would go to Harajuku. And Im really sad taht my cameras batteries died cuz it was SO cool there. And SO many people!
One tip: Never go to Harajuku on a weekend haha.
All the shops were awesome and the company was awesome ;)
We went into a lolita kind of shop, and Im so buying a pretty lolita skirt before I come home. Tehy were so pretty and secondhand so they were really cheap!
Huumm. the whole days theme was looking for a travelex, cuz I needed money. But we didnt find one. But when looking for soething special you always find something else. Like for instance, I think we found around 200 ATMs.. yeh//
We also got really pretty pink bandadges from a shop. Really cool and you could buy them with hearts and dinos and everything! like, FRIDAY IM IN LOVE <3

Slowly we made our way to yoyogipark, and we found a free bench to sit on. That was like heaven!
I made the mistake to wear jeans, and they stick to you so bad its disgusting. When its like 35 degrees you DONT wear jeans..
When we came back to Emilys Apartment we were no longer humans, but small blobs of sweat. That is wha tI felt like anyway. haha.

It was a really good day, with much walking ( sorry! )
And Emily thank you for lending me the money to dinner, and to get home. You are the Best!


Låter som att ni hade roligt! ^-^

Juste about the blandgodis (lol) när jag köpte det fanns det inte så många olika sorter men jag hoppas det vaqr ok ändå. Men Emili köpte ju iofs också blandgodis. XD

Jag e så avundsjuk på er båda två också :P

saknarej <3 ^-^


Haha det var sa lite sa! xD Bade ang. godiset och pengarna haha!

Nar jag vaknade imorse och det bara var 25 grader plus REGN typ dog jag av lycka, allvarligt! xD <3

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