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Natsu Matsuri

Hihi Im now leaving for a little natsumatsuri in my neighbourhood.
(Natsu matsuri = summer festival)
Pictures will be posted today or next week, because I'm leaving the house 4 in the morning tomorrow.

Two days in Kyoto awaits my glorious presence. Hehehehe..


My schedule for August is clogged.

Today:                                                               Matsuri

Tomorrow:                                                        Kyoto

Monday:                                                             Kyoto

Tuseday early morning? :                              come back, and rest

Wednesday:                                                     Roppongi

Thusrday:                                                          Harajuku to buy shoes and stuff I need for camp

Friday:                                                                 early morning leave for camp

Monday night?:                                                 I come back

Tuesday:                                                            I rest

Wednesday:                                                      I go to next camp.

Saturday:                                                            will be spent resting from the camps.

And then there is a American thingy Im going to with dancing and stuff.


Ill see when I can update LOVE YOU ALL

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